Preventing Back Pain

Back pain is one of those pains that can really immobilise a person. Together with neck pain it’s one of the most common pains. Not just people doing physically intensive labour suffer from back pain, there are plenty of other reasons that back pain can be caused by. As you age the likelihood of getting back pain is increasing. This is obviously due to the less efficient way your body operates as you age. In general if you keep your body in good health, by not overeating, and by exercise, you can minimise the chances of getting back pain quite substantially. This page will look at some of the methods you can apply to prevent back pain.

The first thing you have to do is to determine what is causing your back issues. Look at your furniture, are you getting pains after sitting for a while on your couch? Or perhaps it is your office chair that is the cause of your pain? How is your posture? Are you sitting up straight? Improving posture has helped many people. It does take some discipline but eventually it comes naturally to sit in a healthy position. Buying a strong and reliable office chair is a very good investment in your health. When buying a chair make sure it is suitable for intensive use. Some chairs are made for a maximum of 3 hours of operation per day, others will last 10 hours. Obviously the latter ones are more expensive. Read reviews on the web before buying the chair you have in mind. Make sure that it sits comfortably, and is made of strong and durable materials.

The human back is a rather complex system of interlinked structures. You have the bone, muscle, discs all working together. Because of its flexible nature the back is prone to malfunction. Keeping your body in good shape is of great importance. Exercising regularly will keep the workings of the back in good operation. Stretch exercises in the morning (such as the “sun salutation exercise”) are a good way to start the day! Obviously you should not do any exercising if you suffer from severe back aches. You will need to consult a medical professional who will provide you with details on how to best heal your back. Also, your employer, by law, is obligated to provide good working condition. This includes good lighting and solid furniture to prevent physical strain.

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