Back Pain Relief

Back pain and ways to ease the pain

Back pain, it is something most of us get acquainted with at one point in our lives. One of the most frustrating things about back pain is the fact that often it is hard to pinpoint the exact cause, leaving you unable to find a proper method to relieve pain. For lower back problems a well known non-surgical way to relieve pain is through injections. Cortisone is one of the more common substances in such injections, liquid ibuprofen is another. They usually help to ease the pain, but their effects are not that long lasting – and they do not exclude the possibility that surgery is needed at a later stage.

A problem with standard treatment for general back pain issues is that at times injections are administered when they are not necessary. As we age our body will start aching more, including the back. And often back problems can be minimised or cured by making changes to your lifestyle, or increasing the amount of exercise you perform each week. If your doctor immediately suggests injection therapy then perhaps you should ask him or her for alternative options as well. Your situation may well improve with proper exercise.

It is easy for physicians to suggest injections as a way to relief back pain, because they are relatively simple to administer, and they usually have a positive short-term effect on pain. And certainly, in cases in which the pain is seriously debilitating one seeks a solution that improves the situation virtually immediately. If you prefer alternative treatments, then perhaps you should consider one of the following :

topical treatments – easy to apply, good for light back pain,
technology – corrections in posture can relief back pain,
tai chi – ancient Chinese exercises,
yoga – not be suitable for those with severe restrictions in movement due to back pain.


As you can see there are plenty of alternatives, and those with back pain looking for relief are thus not confined to a small set of treatments. If you would rather not take medication, or prefer not to be injected with substances like cortisone then talk to your doctor about trying one of the alternative treatments. Have your physician evaluate your back pain, and then, together, come up with a plan to battle the pain. We must stress that the above methods of pain relief are usually applicable to situations in which the pain is not severe. If you are experiencing back pain in combination with chest pain then you are strongly suggested to seek medial assistance as soon as possible. We wish you good luck with whatever treatment you choose.

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